How To Get A Handle On Grades

The very best way to understand how your son or daughter is doing in class is to ask them!

At the beginning of every class, students are given a syllabus. The syllabus outlines all of the requirements for the class and even tells students what is required of them to earn an "A" or a "B". It explains the attendance policy, how to gain extra credit points and when tests will be given and when papers are due. Faculty are returning grade information on a regular basis to your student.

Final grades are posted each semester on the student's transcript. Students can access this on their ChargerNet account. As a parent, you will not be expected to call faculty or attend parent/teacher conferences. However, faculty are required to keep regular office hours so that students can meet privately to go over grades and to work with students to make sure that they are successful.

The very best thing parents can do is make sure that your student is meeting with faculty as soon as they think they might need help! Waiting until exam week is not a great strategy for success! Helping students realize that faculty are there to help them is a big step forward in insuring a semester is successful!

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